la Cour, Niels: Værker for kor og orgel / Works for Choir and Organ (CD)

Værker for kor og orgel af Niels la Cour. CD udgivet i 2014 af Dacapo Records.
149,00  DKK
Skaffes inden for 3-7 dage
Skaffes inden for 3-7 dage
ForlagDaCapo Records
Komponistla Cour, Niels
Bine Bryndorf, orgel
Trinitatis Kantori, kor
Søren Christian Vestergaard, dirigent

The Danish composer Niels la Cour (b. 1944) has the whole sacred music tradition as a natural starting point in his striving for beauty, timelessness and a suprapersonal sublimity. The expressive balance, internal consistency and calm, organically breathing melodic basis of the music make it perfect for the church interior, as clearly shown by this recording from the Trinitatis Church in Copenhagen with the organ soloist Bine Bryndorf and the chamber choir Trinitatis Kantori.


1 Salige de, der bor i dit hus (Blessed are they that dwell in thy house) (1985/86)

3 Intermezzi for organ (1973-74)
2 Introit: Moderato
3 II Hymn of Praise: Vivo
4 III Holy Communion: Lento con tranquilità

Cantio Mariæ (2005)
5 Tota pulchra es
6 Stabat Mater
7 Regina caeli

Vesper Organi (2003)
8 1. Preludio: Moderato
9 2. Lauda: Intenso e con un poco larghezza
10 3. Preghiera: Andante cantabile
11 4. Fuga: Tranquillo fluente
12 5. Meditazione: Tranquillo
13 6. Quiète: Tranquillissimo
14 7. Inno: Allegro
15 8. Orazione: Lento e recitando
16 9. Postludio: Moderato

17 Den store mester kommer (The great master is coming) (2001/2006)
18 Vinger (Wings) (1973)
19 Frelseren er mig en hyrde god (A good shepherd is my Saviour) (2009)

Total spilletid 73 minutes