Larsen Cello Strings (Set with G+C Magnacore) / Larsen strenge til Cello (Sæt med G+C Magnacore)

Strenge til Cello fra Larsen. Den originale Larsen A og D er her kombineret i et sæt med G og C Larsen Magnacore.
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StrengCello Sæt
A: Chrome steel / Chromstål
D: Chrome steel / Chromstål
G: Wolfram - Tungsten
C: Wolfram - Tungsten

The famously distinct and embracing warmth of the Original Larsen sound. Ideal for the classical cello repertoire combining pronounced projection, easy response and rapid tuning stability our original steel core string continues to define a new benchmark for cello.

Magnacore® G and C produce an incredibly warm and focused sound offering a wealth of overtones, tremendous volume and exceptional string response – even when played in pianissimo. Playing-in time has been reduced to an absolute minimum to deliver outstanding string performance instantly.
The Magnacore® medium configuration offers a wonderfully sonorous and broad sound with a unique ease of playability which is particularly suited to cellos with a neutral to bright timbre. Our strong variant is even more powerful, focused and direct. We can recommend Magnacore® strong for all set ups but in particular for the darker and deeper sounding instrument.