Linnemann, Maria: Songs in Our Times - 10 Pieces for Solo Guitar

Discover Maria Linnemann's "Songs in Our Times" guitar pieces, inspired by Ukraine 2022. Emotive and reflective, perfect for intermediate players.
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KomponistLinnemann, Maria
InstrumentationSolo Guitar

Maria Linnemann wrote the volume of guitar pieces Songs in Our Times against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine in 2022, a country in which the composer has family roots. Some of the pieces contained in the collection are inspired by specific images or situations, while others reflect the feeling of helplessness and resignation in the face of the relentless, terrible reports of the unfolding disaster. Fond memories of musical events of the past provide some comfort.

Both musically and in terms of difficulty, Songs in Our Times ties in with previous guitar books by Maria Linnemann, such as Songs from the Heart.

1. A Prayer for Peace [Maria Linnemann]
2. A Bedtime Story [Maria Linnemann]
3. Once Upon a Time [Maria Linnemann]
4. A Song for Thomas [Maria Linnemann]
5. Chant de la nuit [Maria Linnemann]
6. Senza voce [Maria Linnemann]
7. Questions in the Mind [Maria Linnemann]
8. Simply This [Maria Linnemann]
9. Capriccio [Maria Linnemann]
10. Homeward Bound [Maria Linnemann]