Listen to Scandinavia (English Version Book + CD)

Listen To Scandinavia features 14 different listening exercises in Nordic music, from Edvard Grieg to Per Nørgård. English version.
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ForlagWilhelm Hansen

This is a workbook with music examples on one enclosed CD for instructional use in upper secondary schools, pre-conservatory courses, academies of music, high schools, universities, and teacher training colleges. It can also be used by the interested general music listener.

The individual exercises can stand alone. In other words, one need not work through the whole book to benefit from it. The exercises have been chosen to cover a broad spectrum of Nordic works for soloists, chamber music, orchestral music, opera, and electronic music from the 20th century.

All the exercises take their point of departure in sounding music - that is, many of the exercises or parts of them can be completed by students without any knowledge of written music or background in music theory.

The book offers methodological guidance to teachers and is full of good ideas for ear training exercises.

The work with the exercises offers a stimulating way of getting into contact with Nordic contemporary music, Nordic folk music, and the many different modes of expression that typify the music of the 20th century.

By Brita Bemberg, Gro Shetelig and Mette Stig Nielsen