Liszt, Franz: Ungarische Rhapsodie Nr. 1 (Piano)

The first of the composer's 19 rhapsodies already contains all elements that characterise the later rhapsodies: melancholy melodies, magical sounds and sparkling, typically Lisztian virtuosity.
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KomponistLiszt, Franz

Liszt understood a “rhapsody” to signify the highest degree of musical freedom: a constant process of transformation and variation of themes and motifs, all bound up with constant shifts of emotion. According to one of its early reviewers, this first of Liszt’s 19 Hungarian Rhapsodies is a prime example of “the art of thematic working such as no previous master has practised more fantastically, more expressively or more inventively”. Despite this, it was somewhat overshadowed by the greater popularity of the Second Hungarian Rhapsody (HN 803), with its considerably pithier themes and rhythms; both were published in the same year, 1851. This Henle Urtext edition, which draws on all the available sources, now provides players with an opportunity to rediscover Liszt’s First Rhapsody. Italian Liszt specialist Vincenzo Maltempo provides the fingerings.

Peter Jost (Editor)
Vincenzo Maltempo (Fingering)
Mária Eckhardt (Preface)
Urtext Edition, paperbound