Mahler IX (Herbert Blomstedt, Bamberger Symphoniker) (2CD)

Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 9 in D major with Bamberger Symphoniker and Herbert Blomstedt.
ForlagBR Klassik
KomponistMahler, Gustav
DirigentBlomstedt, Herbert
OrkesterBamberger Symphoniker
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Blomstedt og bambergerne spiller Mahlers 9. med en dybde og alvor, der lader fortidens senromantiske skønhed og den nye modernitets splittelse og desperation balancere og sameksistere

For Gustav Mahler, composing his early symphonies meant "building a world”. His Ninth, however, seems more concerned with the deconstruction of this world – a look back, a long farewell. In the draft of his score, he noted words like "O youth! Vanished! O love! Blown away! ". In 1909, his idyllic world was destroyed, having been diagnosed with a heart valve defect two years earlier – a disease that would ultimately lead to his death. While his last completed symphony still contains some folksy elements, Mahler composed a heartbreaking Adagio as its Finale. Herbert Blomstedt, Honorary Conductor of the Bamberger Symphoniker, guides the orchestra through this rollercoaster of emotions, ranging between deep sadness, comfort and melancholia.