Manuals Only - Attractive Pieces for the Church Organist

Attractive Pieces for the Church Organist. Selected by Kevin Mayhew. Manuals Only.
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ForlagKevin Mayhew
34 outstanding pieces for the organist who is not confident with pedals. Featuring the same mix of prominent and lesser known composers, this collection of pieces comprises a wide variety of styles and moods, ensuring that most occasions are covered.

Air - Purcell
Allegretto in E - Tournemire
Allegretto in G - Tournemire
Allegro - Tournemire
Assez vif - Tournemire
Canzona in C - Zipoli
Canzona in D minor - Zipoli
Chorale - Karg-Elert
Communion in C minor - Tournemire
Cornet voluntary - Berg
Diapason movement - Greene
Finale - Tournemire
Idylle - Karg-Elert
Interlude in E minor - Tournemire
Interlude in E b - Tournemire
Intonatio - J.C. Bach
Introit on ‘Veni Emmanuel’ - Yon
Larghetto - Tournemire
Offertorio - Karg-Elert
Partita - Thiele
Pièce dans le style ancien - Tournemire
Quattro Versi in D minor - Zipoli
Requiem aeternam - Karg-Elert
Sarabande - Radeck
Scherzetto - Tournemire
Si quis mihi ministraverit - D’Indy
Sortie in G - Tournemire
Verset in B b - Tournemire
Verset in C - Tournemire
Voluntary in A minor - Unknown
Voluntary no. 4 in E minor - Stanley
Voluntary no. 6 in D minor - Stanley
Voluntary no. 7 in G minor - Stanley
Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her - Buttstett