Meinl Sonic Energy: Steel Tongue Drum, A-Akebono, Black

Meinl står bag denne serie af fantastiske steel drums som klinger helt magisk. Spil på den med hænderne eller de medfølgende gummi køller. Denne sorte model er stemt i A Akebono.
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The MEINL Sonic Energy Steel Tongue Drum is a rich, full-sounding instrument that can be played with either hands or included rubber mallet pair.

Precision crafted to deliver beautiful, expressive melodies, these drums are a fantastic piece for solo performances and are equally well-suited for ensemble use. Tuned to the key of A Akebono (A3/ B3, C4, E4, F4, A4, B4, C5) and available in durable Black or Vintage Brown finishes, these Sonic Energy masterpieces will inspire both inexperienced players and professionals alike.

An included padded bag helps to protect the instrument in transport or when not in use.