Mohrs: Daumenlage / Thumb Poisition (Double Bass)

Exercises and pieces introducing the use of the thumb on the double bass. By Charlotte Mohrs (*1989).
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InstrumentationDouble Bass

The introduction to the upper registers opens the door to advanced double-bass literature and expressive solo playing. With the volume Daumenlage [Thumb position], learning is easy and fun. Using many well-known songs and pieces, the fingering positions can be easily memorised and the intonation can be easily controlled. The progressively arranged playing scores with their wide range of styles are accompanied by technical exercises and valuable information.

Vorwort / Preface
Kapitel 1 / Chapter 1
1. Hochlage (Daumen auf g’) / 1st high position (thumb on g’)
Kapitel 2 / Chapter 2
Erweiterung des Tonraums bis d’’ / Extending the tonal range to d’’
Kapitel 3 / Chapter 3
2. Hochlage (Daumen auf d’’) / 2nd high position (thumb on d’’)
Kapitel 4 / Chapter 4
Flageoletttöne / Harmonics
Kapitel 5 / Chapter 5
Die Zwischenlagen / In-between positions
Kapitel 6 / Chapter 6
Daumenaufsatz in den tieferen und höheren Lagen / Thumb position in lower and higher positions
Kapitel 7 / Chapter 7
Flexibler Daumenaufsatz / Flexible use of the thumb
Kapitel 8 / Chapter 8
Grifftabelle / Fingering chart
Griffarten im Überblick / Overview of the finger positions