Mozart: 20 Easy Pieces for Piano

A selection of 20 short pieces composed by Mozart. Published by Ricordi in 2023.
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Skaffes inden for 3-7 dage
Skaffes inden for 3-7 dage
KomponistMozart, W.A.

Some are widely recognized, while others are much less known. Together, they constitute a short but significant introduction to the art of the Salzburg genius. Each piece includes indications for pedalling and fingering.

1. Minuetto in Fa magg. K2
2. Minuetto in Sol magg. K1e 
3. Minuetto in Re magg. K73h 
4. Allegro in Sib magg. K3 
5. Andantino in Mib magg. K588b
6. Minuetto in Fa magg. K5 
7. Danza tedesca in Fa magg. K600/2 
8. Danza tedesca in Mib magg. K600/4 
9. Danza tedesca in La magg. K567/5 
10. Andante in Do magg. K1a 
11. Allegro in Do magg. K1b
12. Allegro in Fa magg. K1c 
13. Minuetto in Fa magg. K1d 
14. Minuetto in Fa magg. K4 
15. Allegro in Fa magg. K15b 
16. Andante in Sib magg. K5b 
17. Contraddanza in Fa magg. K15h 
18. Rondò in Fa magg. K15hh 
19. Allegro in Sib magg. K8 
20. Rondò in Re magg. K15d