Music For Manuals - Joyful Music Set 2

Prisvenlig samling for manualer. 2. bind med "Joyful Music".
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ForlagKevin Mayhew
InstrumentationOrgan (Manuals)
SerieMusic for Manuals
Gavotte William Boyce
Gavotte from Suite No. 3 Johann Sebastian Bach
Jubilato Deo Norman Warren
Little Toccata Elizabeth Hill
March Richard Lloyd
March from the Occasional Oratorio George Frideric Handel
Sortie Robert Jones
Trumpet Voluntary Jeremiah Clarke
Trumpeting Tune June Nixon
Two Trumpet Tunes and Air Henry Purcell
Use the Reeds Colin Mawby

As publishers and church musicians ourselves we understand the financial restraints faced by many organists.

So here's our contribution to the solution: several pieces for the price of one Even if you use just one of the pieces in the set you are paying only the usual price of a single organ piece. If you use two you're getting double value, and if you use three, four, five or more you're quids in!