Music Mind Games Handbook (10th edition)

Music Mind Games håndbogen indeholder 56 sider med symbolforklaring og spilinstruktioner.
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The Music Mind Games handbook is a 52-page resource book for students, teachers, and parents.

This handbook is amazingly helpful at home and useful during lessons.

- Photographs and illustrations of Blue Jello rhythm hand signs and Blue Jello drawings
- "Daily Do"
- Over 150 musical symbols and terms are defined as well as tempos, clefs, notes and rests, time signatures, cadences, dynamics, conducting patterns, solfege hand signs, names of piano keys, circle of fifth, triads, chords, intervals and more
- Classic Games: 15 game instructions
Played to learn all nine Music Mind Games subject areas.
15 games multiply to equal 100 games
- Curriculum charts with instructive graphics
- Fairies

About Handbook.10

All educational material remains the same. What's new:
- New cover design
- A few photos, charts, and graphics have been replaced, updated, and moved around. New photos have been added
- The Curriculum is divided into three levels rather than five. The objectives are the same, but the content is revised a little. Here is a download of the six Curriculum pages
- Unless you would like to, it is not necessary to replace previous editions.