My First Schubert - Easiest Piano Pieces

My First Schubert contains a selection of the great composer's easier to moderately difficult piano works.
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KomponistSchubert, Franz
InstrumentationEasy Piano

My First Schubert contains a selection of the great composer's easier to moderately difficult piano works, including the famous 'Trauerwalzer' (Op. 9, No. 2), Moment musical in F minor (Op. 94, No. 3), the Impromptu in A flat major (Op. 142, No. 2) as well as the most beautiful dances, marches and ländler from the rich repertoire of his famous salon pieces. In addition, this volume offers a selection of easy works for piano four hands.

Ideally suited for lessons and playing at home. The perfect introduction to Romantic piano music!

Waltz A-flat major, D 365/1
Waltz of Longing A-flat major, D 365/2
Waltz A-flat major, D 365/3
Waltz A-flat major, D 365/4
Waltz A-flat major, D 365/5
Waltz A-flat major, D 365/6
Waltz A-flat major, D 365/6
Waltz A major, D 365/16
Waltz F major, D 365/36
Waltz B minor, D 145/6
Waltz C major, D 980/21
Graz Waltz A minor, D 924/9
German Dance D major, D 783/2
German Dance C major, D 783/12
German Dance D major, D 769/2
German Dance A major, D 972/3
Landler E-flat major, D 681/5
Landler A-flat major, D 681/8
Landler D major, D 734/2
Landler G major, D 734/13
Ecossaise B minor, D 783/1
Ecossaise G major, D 145/4
Ecossaise D minor, D 158/5
Ecossaise E major, D 299/7
Ecossaise C major, D 299/8
Eccosaise D major, D 782
Valse sentimental C major, D 779/26
Valse noble A minor, D 969/9
Valse noble F major, D 969/10
Valse noble C major, D 969/11
Minuet A major, D 334
Scherzo B-flat major, D 593/1
Hedgerose G major, D 257
Allegretto C minor, D 915
Moment musicaux F minor, D 780/3
Moment muscaux A-flat major, D 780/2
Impromptu A-flat major, D 935/2
Landler A major, D 366/1
Landler A minor, D 366/3
Landler A minor, D 366/4
Landler A minor, D 366/5
Landler D major, D 366/7
Landler B minor, D 366/8
Landler B minor, D 366/9
Landler C major, D 366/6
Children's March G major, D 928
Marcia C minor, D 818
Adagio G major, D 178