Neruda: Konzert für Horn (Trompete) und Streicher Es-dur / Concerto for Horn (Trumpet) and Strings E flat major (Piano Reduction)

Popular exam piece for trumpet. According to modern performance practice with parts for trumpet in E-flat and B-flat.
KomponistNeruda, Johann Baptist Georg
InstrumentationHorn (Trumpet), Piano
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169,00 DKK
· Level of difficulty for trumpet: medium
· According to modern performance practice with parts for trumpet in E-flat and B-flat
· Pleasant piano reduction by Christoph Sobanski
· Corresponding orchestra material by Breitkopf&Härtel
· Popular exam piece for trumpet
· For trumpet: for advanced students and professionals

Dominik Rahmer (Editor)
Christoph Sobanski (Piano reduction)
Reinhold Friedrich (Cadenzas)
Urtext Edition, paperbound
for Horn in E flat and Trumpet in E flat and B flat
Size 23,5 x 31,0 cm

One of the best-loved trumpet concertos today is actually a horn concerto: Neruda composed it in about 1750 at the Dresden Court, where he met the greatest horn virtuosos of the day. As a result, the solo part is immensely demanding and is kept in the upper clarino register throughout (up to g'''), which means that only a few horn players today can master it, even on the modern valve horn. But on the trumpet, however, these difficulties do not apply. This new edition by G. Henle Publishers is based on the only extant manuscript source, which is held in Prague. It takes modern performance practice into account and thus also contains parts for trumpet in E flat and in B flat. As an Urtext edition – and in contrast to earlier editions – it forgoes the articulation and dynamic markings that have otherwise been added so freely, and thereby enables us to have an unbiased view of the original notation.