Offenbach, Jacques: Violoncelle et piano, Vol. 1

First volume of Offenbach pieces for Cello and Piano. Tarantelle - Trois Andante - Marche chinoise
InstrumentationVioloncello, Piano
ForlagBoosey and Hawkes
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Jacques Offenbach was not only a composer of inexhaustible imagination, but also a virtuoso cellist. Even after his first years in Paris, he liked to perform as a musician again and again. To mark his 200th birthday in 2019, the Offenbach Edition Keck OEK publishes original compositions by the 'Mozart of the Champs-Elysées' for 'his' instrument plus piano accompaniment.

The pieces are suitable for amateur studies and concert performances alike – not only in the anniversary year! Some of them were already available in older separate editions, some of them have been unpublished until now. In the present edition, they are published in three volumes according to their musical relation, based on the multiple award-winning editorial standards of the OEK.

Vol. 1 contains dance-like pieces (Tarantelle / Trois Andante / Marche chinoise), Vol. 2 baroque-style parodies (Musette / Chant des mariniers galants d’après Rameau / Tambourin d’après Rameau) and Vol. 3 Romantic character pieces (La Course en traineau / Introduction et valse mélancolique / Rêverie au bord de mer / Deux âmes au ciel).