Piano Chord Voicings in all styles (incl. Online Audio)

From Jazz to Rock, Blues to Pop Ballads, a comprehensive guide to interpreting chord symbols to properly match style.
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ForlagHal Leonard

When you play a song on the piano from a fake book or sheet music, do you ever get the feeling that the chords don't sound right for the musical style of the song, even if you're constructing the chords correctly? If that's the case, you need to learn how to voice the chords appropriately for the style you're playing, whether you're reading from a chart or playing from memory. Chord voicing is the art of interpreting the chord symbols to sound correct for the style.

This is the secret sauce that will help your playing sound more professional! Pianist, composer/arranger, educator, and author Mark Harrison introduces you to piano chord voicings for these essential styles: blues, classic rock, cool jazz, country, funk, Gospel, hip-hop, modern rock, pop ballad, smooth jazz, and many more!

The piano chord voicing concepts are demonstrated with over 90 audio tracks, including play-along rhythm section accompaniment in all the styles!