Play Guitar With... 20 Metal Bands (incl. CD)

Tabs og Backing Tracks til 20 af de største numre fra Metalscenen. Fra den populære "Play Guitar With..." serie.
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Skaffes inden for 3-7 dage
ForlagMusic Sales
GenreHeavy Metal
InstrumentationGuitar Tab
SeriePlay Guitar With
Alive [P.O.D.]
Back In Black [Ac/Dc]
Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter [Iron Maiden]
Chop Suey! [System Of A Down]
Crawling [Linkin Park]
Enter Sandman [Metallica]
Falling Away From Me (Korn)
Fat Lip (Sum 41)
Flavor Of The Week (American Hi-fi)
Get Free (The Vines)
Last Resort [Papa Roach]
Movies (Alien Ant Farm)
Muscle Museum [Muse]
No One Knows [Queens Of The Stone Age]
Paranoid [Black Sabbath] View
Party Hard [Andrew W.K.]
Take A Look Around (Limp Bizkit)
The Fight Song (Marilyn Manson)
The Rock Show (Blink 182)
Wake Up [Rage Against The Machine]

Compilation of Play Guitar With tabs and backing tracks featuring the cream of metal, punk and hard rock, including Black Sabbath, System Of A Down, Queens Of The Stone Age and Metallica. Consists of songbook with guitar tablature and standard notation of each song with chord symbols and complete lyrics for vocalists, plus two CDs of 'soundalike' demos and backing tracks.