Ragnhild Hemsing: Vetra (Vinyl / LP)

In this wintery, on of a kind album, Ragnhild Hemsing brings to life a collection of Norwegian folk melodies and songs. All traditional tunes originate in Valdres and are performed on her violin and Hardanger fiddle as she retraces her local, personal and musical heritage.
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The album “Vetra” features folk music taken from the material collected and written down by Ludvig Mathias Lindeman, in Valdres. Lindeman found his “raw material” in the tunes and folk melodies played and sung in villages and small communities off the beaten track in various parts of Norway, and which had been handed on directly from person to person, and which in the process had been moulded into a style which we can call traditional music – in our case traditional Valdres music. We cannot get away from the local element. Folk music and folk songs in Valdres are closely connected to the local scene: its nature and animal life, its seasons, and its people. Folk songs and short verses refer to people by name, and stories tell of animals and underground creatures. Folk music is very much part of the folk history and identity of Valdres. This album can be a modest contribution to this identity.

Mathias Eick - Trumpet
Terje Isungset - Percussion
Ole Aastad Bråten - Langeleik
Knut Aasted Bråten - Langeleik
Marthe Husum - Viola
Frida Fredrikke Waaler Wærvågen - Cello
Nikolai Matthews - Double Bass


A1 Nu Rinder Solen Op Af Østerlide
A2  Vetrahalling
A3 Langeberglåtten
A4 Jeg Vet Et Evigt Himmelrig
A5 Vinterstemning
A6 Det Ottande Bud På Sinai (Eg Kan Så Mang Ein Vakker Sang)

B1 I Oletjedn, I Olekinn
B2 Jesus Kristus Er Oppfaren
B3 Ringjetøsja
B4 Se Solens Skjønne Lys Og Prakt
B5 Prim I Dullare
B6 Et Barn Er Født I Betlehem
B7 Kome Nord!
B8 Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker