Richard Strauss in Context, Hardback (ed. Morten Kristiansen, Joseph E. Jones)

Richard Strauss in Context offers a distinctive approach to the study of a composer in that it places the emphasis on contextualizing topics rather than on biography and artistic output.
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KomponistStravinsky, Igor
ForlagCambridge University Press
One might say that it inverts the relationship between composer and context. Rather than studies of Strauss's librettists that discuss the texts themselves and his musical settings, for instance, this book offers essays on the writers themselves: their biographical circumstances, styles, landmark works, and broader positions in literary history. Likewise, Strauss's contributions to the concert hall are positioned within the broader development of the orchestra and trends in programmatic music. In short, readers will benefit from an elaboration of material that is either absent from or treated only briefly in existing publications. Through this supplemental and broader contextual approach, this book serves as a valuable and unique resource for students, scholars, and a general readership.

- Readers will benefit from a variety of perspectives and approaches to contextualizing the life and works of Richard Strauss
- Written by a team of experts, chapters focus on context rather than biography, analysis, or other traditional areas of inquiry
- Organised around key themes which range from family, friends and collaborators, to artefacts and legacy

Table of Contents
Preface Morten Kristiansen and Joseph E. Jones
Part I. Family, Friends and Collaborators:
1. Family and upbringing Chris Walton
2. Formative influences David Larkin
3. Pauline de Ahna Katharina Hottmann
4. Close friends Walter Werbeck
5. Hofmannsthal Ingeborg Haase and Dirk Hoffmann
6. The other librettists Kenneth Birkin
7. Stage collaborators Ryan Prendergast
8. Champions Bryan Gilliam
Part II. Career Stations:
9. Munich and Garmisch Sebastian Bolz
10. Meiningen and Weimar Michael Saffle
11. Bayreuth Ulrich Konrad
12. Berlin Dietmar Schenk
13. Vienna Joseph E. Jones
Part III. Cultural Engagement and Musical Life:
14. Strauss as reader Matthew Werley
15. Antiquity Jason Geary
16. Philosophy and religion Charles Youmans
17. Allgemeiner deutscher musikverein James Deaville
18. Genossenschaft deutscher tonsetzer Manuela Schmidt
Part IV. Professional and Musical Contexts:
19. The composer Jeremy Zima
20. The conductor Raymond Holden
21. The orchestra Scott Warfield
22. Program music Jonathan Kregor
23. Post-wagnerian opera Morten Kristiansen
24. The lied Jürgen May
Part V. In History:
25. Modernism Peter Franklin
26. Traditionalism Leon Botstein
27. World War I Philip Graydon
28. Nazi Germany Erik Levi
29. Lateness Giangiorgio Satragni
30. Reception Franzpeter Messmer
Part VI. Artifacts and Legacy:
31. Publishers and editions Andreas Pernpeintner and Stefan Schenk
32. Letters Claudia Heine and Adrian Kech
33. In performance Raymond Holden
34. Influence Ben Winters
35. 2001: A space odyssey and beyond Charles Youmans
36. Scholarly directions Matthew Werley