Schubert, Franz: Messe in As, D 678 (Vocal Score)

Vocal Score for Schubert Mass in A flat major, D 678.
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KomponistSchubert, Franz
InstrumentationVocal Score
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Franz Schubert’s Mass in A-flat major: A work that time and again occupied the composer anew, with which he, in his words, strived towards the “highest in art” – and perhaps only wished to receive a court appointment in Vienna.

His efforts to present a new, individual mass led, at any rate, to unconventional solutions (and an unusual key), a renunciation of plain acclamation, a reduction of pathos in favor of an exceptionally elaborate composition, particularly the first part – a brilliant missa solemnis for the ceremonious organization of the court church service and, at the same time, the public presentation of an ambitious composer’s artistic competence.

Scoring: Soli SATB, Coro SATB, Fl, 2 Ob, 2 Clt, 2 Fg, 2 Cor, 2 Tr, 3 Trb, Timp, 2 Vl, Va, Vc, Cb, Org
Language: Latin
Duration: 50 min