Schubert: Klaviersonaten I - Die frühen Sonaten (Piano)

The Early Piano Sonatas by Schubert.
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KomponistSchubert, Franz

Schubert was visibly adventurous in his early piano sonatas, as is apparent in their wide-ranging key schemes, diverging versions of many movements or entire sonatas, and numerous works left incomplete. This revised Urtext edition contains the sonatas he composed between 1815 and 1817. An updated preface and valuable notes on central questions of performance practice (e.g. articulation, pedalling and embellishments), with a special emphasis on his idiosyncratic treatment of accent-like diminuendo hairpins, form a useful introduction to the sonatas. Schubert’s drafts and fragments can be accessed on the Bärenreiter website.

- Urtext edition based on the “New Schubert Edition”, with drafts and fragments accessible on the Bärenreiter website (see BA 9642: Extras)
- Reader-friendly engraving with practical page-turns and running titles to facilitate the location of sonatas and movements
- Valuable notes on performance practice in Schubert’s day (Ger/Eng)
- Critical Commentary with readings relevant to performance, especially regarding Schubert’s notation of accents (Eng)

Sonata in E major (D 157)
Sonata in C major (D 279)
Sonata in E major (D 459)
Sonata in A minor (D 537)
Sonata in A-flat major (D 557)
Sonata in E minor (D 566)
Sonate (D 568):
      First version in D-flat major
      Second version in E-flat major
Sonata in B major (D 575)