Schumann: Werke für Klaviertrio (Set of Parts)

Urtext edition of the complete works for Piano Trio by R. Schumann.
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KomponistSchumann, Robert
InstrumentationPiano Trio

Schumann began writing chamber music rather late on in his life. In 1842 he then wrote six substantial works, including his first piano trio, which he only published in 1850 under the title Four Fantasy Pieces op. 88.

In the meantime he had already composed the Trios in d minor op. 63 (1847) and F major op. 80 (1847/49). When he was in Dusseldorf, in 1851, he wrote the g minor Trio op. 110. Together with the trios by Mendelssohn and Brahms, Schumann’s four compositions are the most important works for this genre written in the 19th century.

Trio d-moll op. 63
Trio F-dur op. 80
Trio g-moll op. 110
Phantasiestücke a-moll op. 88
Finale, Frühfassung op. 88
Finale, Alternative Takte 105-128 der Frühfassung op. 88