Søgaard, Lars: Cello Swingtime (for 5-part cello ensemble) - Student Book with all 5 parts

Student book with all 5 cello parts on 5 progressive skill levels that make it possible for the student to grow with the music.
KomponistSøgaard, Lars
InstrumentationCello Ensemble (5 parts)
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125,00 DKK
Jazz and blues for 5 part cello ensemble. The parts have increasing skill levels from easy to quite demanding so that each cellist can grow with the parts as their skills develop. And the teachers have a long-lasting and educational material for ALL their pupils.

- Swingtime is a medley of 3 pieces that can be played individually.

Main themes with chords, preface, playing instructions, suggestions for cuts and jumps, announcement for the audience and more. One book (48 pages) and not orchestra material with separate parts.

Duration: 14 minutes