SteilvorLage für Violoncello solo und Klavier

One piece – one position. With 14 groovy pieces to make you a cello position pro.
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GenrePop og rock
InstrumentationCello, Piano

Playing in different positions on the cello with a guaranteed fun factor! 14 poppy, rocky, groovy pieces from tango to pop ballads, from swing to heavy metal. Each in a different position ranging from the closed half to the extended 4th. Ideal for learning, practising again or perfecting individual or all positions. With easy but cool piano accompaniments. Playalongs can also be downloaded or streamed for free. Simply said: PRIME POSITIONS for cello lessons, performances or for grooving by yourself!

The edition contains a 20-page insert for cello solo.

Also available: edition for cello solo and accompanying cello (order number VHR 3920)

Und hundert weiße Rosen

Besser Bossa!
Seashore Reggae
City Skyline
Wie Schilf am Ufer des Flusses
Russian Rush ’n Risk
Lazy In The Sunshine
Nights Of Eternity
Swing King
Tango der trockenen Tränen
Unter dem Sand der Wüste
Bock auf Rock!