Tchaikovsky: Selected Art Songs (High Voice, Piano)

13 Selected art songs by Pjotr Iljitsj Tchaikovsky for high voice and piano. Lyrics in russian and german.
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KomponistTchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich
InstrumentationHigh Voice, Piano
ForlagForberg Musikverlag
UdgaveHigh Voice

Tchaikovsky began to write art songs early in his career. From the very beginning it was music of great ingenuity, melodic appeal and a natural flow of emotions. By creating a remarkably memorable musical image in the first bars, then by developing it he transformed the song into a compact and expressive musical poem and achieved a powerful emotional impact, sometimes bordering on the melodramatic.

This anthology includes some of the finest art songs that Tchaikovsky composed throughout his entire career.

Lyrics in Russian and German.

1. Glaub’nicht, o Freund!
2. Kein Wörtchen, kein Seufzer
3. Wie leidvoll und wonnig
4. Warum?
5. Erfass’ nur einmal
6. Das war im ersten Lenzesstrahl
7. Im wogenden Tanze
8. Wenn ich dass gewusst
9. Durch die Gefilde des Himmels
10. Der Dämm’rung schleier sank
11. Heldenmuth
12. Wiedersehen
13. Kein Lichtlein glänzt mehr durch die Nacht