Tempo Cards (Music Mind Games)

Tempo Cards er en sjov og spændende måde at undervise i de forskellige tempo betegnelser der bruges i musik.
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ProducentMusic Mind Games
Tempo cards are an exciting way to teach students about the various tempos used in musical compositions.

These cards help students learn:
- The meanings and pronunciation of tempos
- How to interpret tempos in music
- The order of tempos from slowest to fastest or "middle out"
- To identify the symmetrical arrangement of the tempos
- To determine the speed of a particular composition by reading the tempo

- 22 cards including two sets of eleven different tempo cards: Largo, Lento, Adagio, Andante, Andantino, Moderato, Allegretto, Allegro, Vivace, Presto and Prestissimo
- Cards are 5.5 inches (14.5 cm) long and 1.5 inches (4 cm) tall.
- A guide card showing the order of tempos
- A card on teaching tempos symmetrically
- Instructions for five games:
1. Learning Tempos
2. Tempo Sing it Like it Is
3. Fine
4. Fix the Order
5. Five Hiding