Ten Plus Ten - Easy Original Pieces and Arrangements for Solo Guitar

Easy Original Pieces and Arrangements for Solo Guitar - arranged by Giorgio Signorile. Includes mp3 audio.
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InstrumentationSolo Guitar
ForlagUT Orpheus
G. Signorile: Temporale lontano…; Flipper; Stop and Go!; Formiche in marcia; Piccolo Blues; Sweet Marty Dance; C’era una volta; L’inizio del sogno; Danza del fuoco; Il tuo sorriso
L. van Beethoven: Inno alla Gioia
W.A. Mozart: Aria dal “Flauto magico”
Anon.: Giochi proibiti
Trad.: Auld Lang Syne (Valzer delle candele)
A. Vivaldi: Tema della “Primavera”
L. van Beethoven: Per Elisa
G. Bizet: Habanera
I. Albéniz: Asturias
C.W. Gluck: Danza degli spiriti beati
J.S. Bach: Minuetto

When I set myself to publish compositions for newcomers to the instrument, whether they be children or adults, I always try to blend two elements which I believe are essential. On the one hand, the aspect of “outer” pleasantness, with its melodic and rhythmic contents more or less dependent on the tastes of the public for whom it is intended, and on the other hand, the didactic value which I think the piece ought to have, meaning, compositions containing arpeggios, scales, chords, slurs, expressiveness and so on. Furthermore, in this collection my wish has been to include for the first time ten arrangements of famous pieces of repertoire (not just from the guitar repertoire), to testify the “path” of music, almost a tribute to our history. These are pieces we all know and which are certain to help the student link the modern to the traditional repertoire. I have tried to adhere to the sense of the original compositions by just adapting or only adding a guitar accompaniment according to the level of difficulty of the volume.

All that remains for me to do is to wish good luck to the students and colleagues who choose to select this new work of mine, hoping that it can further promote the study of this wonderful instrument of ours.

Giorgio Signorile