The Chanterelle Guitar Anthology (incl. CD)

40 Classical Guitar Miniatures from Sor to Segovia.
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This anthology contains 40 miniatures (studies, character pieces, caprices, etc.) from the classical and Romantic eras through to the 20th century, all of which are original compositions. The charming little pieces are little masterpieces by well-known composers such as Sor, Aguado and Barrios. Most of the pieces are from the catalogue of the renowned publisher of guitar music Chanterelle.

The selected pieces are of medium difficulty and technically not hard to play. They are ideal for music lessons, performances and private music-making and also wonderful as encores. This edition contains a detailed English preface with performance instructions for each individual piece. All pieces have been recorded by Alberto Mesirca on the accompanying audio CD.

L'Hoyer: Exercice op. 27/3
Sor: Lesson op. 31/23
Sor: Lesson op. 31/21
Sor: Étude op. 6/9
Sor: Andantino op. 2/3
Sor: Minuet op. 11/4
Sor: Minuet op. 11/5
Aguado: Lección 15
Aguado: Lección 26
Aguado: Lección 29
Aguado: Lección 35
Aguado: Lección 38
Aguado: Lección 39
Aguado: Lección 40
Aguado: Lección 128 - Aguado: Estudio 13
Legnani: Caprice op. 20/4
Legnani: Caprice op. 20/28
Legnani: Caprice op. 20/33
Carcassi: Étude op. 60/7 - Coste: Étude op. 38/1
Coste: Étude op. 38/7
Mertz: Abendlied
Regondi: Étude no. 1
Tárrega: Endecha-Oremus
Tárrega: Preludio no. 5
Tárrega: Preludio en A Major
Sagreras: Estilo Criollo no.1
Sagreras: Estilo Criollo no. 2
Sagreras: Estilo Criollo no. 3
Sagreras: Estilo Criolla no. 4 - Sagraras: Estudio no. 2 (book 2)
Ponce: Prélude no. 6
Ponce: Prélude no. 7
Barrios: Estudio del Ligado en La Mayor
Barrios: Preludio en Mi Major
Barrios: Preludio en mi menor
Segovia: Estudio sin luz