The Joy of Bach (Piano)

The Joy of Bach consists of more than 40 original keyboard compositions by members of the Bach family. For solo piano.
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KomponistBach, Johann S.
ForlagHal Leonard

Original Keyboard compositions by members of the Bach family.

Compiled and edited by Denis Agay.

1. Air [Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann]
2. Alla Polacca [Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel]
3. Allegretto (Fantasia In C) [Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel]
4. Allegretto Scherzando [Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel]
5. Allegro [Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann]
6. Allemande [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
7. Andantino Cantabile [Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel]
8. Aria (Anna Magdalena Notebook) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
9. Arioso [Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel]
10. Arioso 'Largo' (Clavier Concerto In F Minor) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
11. Bourree (Suite In E Flat) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
12. Canon ('goldberg Variations) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
13. Choral Prelude [Bach, Johann]
14. Come, Sweet Death [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
15. Country Dance (Schwaebisch) [Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich]
16. Courante (French Suite No.2) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
17. Duettino Minuet (Sonata In F) [Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann]
18. English Dance [Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich]
19. Fughetta In C Minor [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
20. Fughetta In G [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
21. Gavotte And Musette (English Suite No.6) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
22. Inventio In D Minor [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
23. La Sybille [Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel]
24. Lamento (Sonata In G) [Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann]
25. Little Prelude In D Minor [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
26. Little Prelude In E Minor [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
27. Maggiore E Minore (Minuet And Trio From Sonata Op.5 No.3) [Bach, Johann Christian]
28. March [Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel]
29. March-musette-polonaise (The Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach]
30. Minuet [Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich]
31. Minuet And Trio (A Suite In E Flat) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
32. Minuet And Trio [Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich]
33. Minuet In G Minor [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
34. Peasant Dance (Schwaebisch) [Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich]
35. Postludium Trio (Ouverture In F) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
36. Praeludium (Well Tempered Clavier Book 1) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
37. Rondo Espressivo (Sonata In B Minor) [Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel]
38. Sarabande (Suite In A Minor) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
39. Sinfonia (Three-voice Invention) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
40. Solfeggio [Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel]
41. Studio [Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich]
42. Two Waltzes [Bach, Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst]
43. Variations On A French Song [Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann]
44. Variations On A Scottish Air From Clavier Concerto In B Flat [Bach, Johann Christian]