The Oxford Book of Flexible Choral Songs (SPIRALBOUND)

Perfect for small choirs, young choirs, choirs with few men, choirs just starting out, and choirs with limited rehearsal time. Edited by Alan Bullard. Spiral-bound.
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ForlagOxford University Press
InstrumentationFlexible Choir, Piano
- Flexible voices and piano, with options for unison and two-part singing (mixed or upper/lower), SABar, and SATB
- Perfect for small choirs, young choirs, choirs with few men, choirs just starting out, and choirs with limited rehearsal time
- 51 flexibly scored choral songs, including 12 new commissions
- Accessible piano accompaniments, with some unaccompanied songs
- Wide range of styles, from the thirteenth century to the present day
- Repertoire includes madrigals and part-songs, folksongs, European art songs, Victorian ballads, and variety songs
- Classified by subject-matter, including 'Birds and Beasts', 'Comedy', 'Mystery', 'Seasons and Times', 'Choral Centrepieces', and 'Encores'
- Original songs by composers including Will Todd, John Rutter, Bob Chilcott, Oliver Tarney, Sarah Quartel, Ben Parry, and Alan Bullard
- Newly arranged songs by composers ranging from Dowland to Walton
- English singing translations for songs in other languages
- Edited by Alan Bullard

The Oxford Book of Flexible Choral Songs is the perfect resource for secular choirs and singing groups who like the flexibility to perform songs in a range of combinations from unison to SATB. Each piece may be performed by a mixed choir, but is also presented with flexible scoring options, clearly explained throughout, enabling performance by various combinations of singers, including upper voices or men's voices alone. As well as new arrangements of existing repertoire, the collection also features newly commissioned original works, specially written for flexible forces.

A Bell-Chime, Alan Bullard
A flower remembered, John Rutter
A Swan (En svane), Edvard Grieg
All will be well, Will Todd
As She Goes, Stephen Hatfield
Calm and deep peace / Simple Gifts, Alan Bullard
Canzonet, Thomas Morley, adap. Alan Bullard
Celebrate!, Alan Bullard
Cherry ripe, Charles Edward Horn, arr. Alan Bullard
Catch a Falling Star, Bob Chilcott
Chimes, Oliver Tarney
Dwell on the beauty, Ian Assersohn
Eletelephony, Ben Parry
Fall, leaves, fall, Toby Young
Flow my tears, John Dowland, adap. Alan Bullard
Four Bird Songs, Alan Bullard
Greensleeves, Trad. English folk song, arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
If I can stop one heart from breaking, Libby Larsen
It was a lover and his lass, Thomas Morley, arr. Alan Bullard
La, la, la, Pierre Certon
Juanita (A Spanish Ballad), Trad. Spanish, arr. Alan Bullard
My Boy Jack, Alison Willis
My heart is like a singing bird, Michael Higgins
O er the Waves Let Us Go, Trad. Hebridean, arr. Alan Bullard
Pase el agoa (Cross the water), Anon. 16th century, arr. Alan Bullard
Scarborough Fair, Trad. English folk song, arr. Michael Higgins
Spring (Sound the Flute), Edmund Jolliffe
Stars of the summer night, Andy Brooke
Sumer is icumen in, Anon. 13th century, arr. Alan Bullard
The Darkened Valley (Abendlich schon rauscht der Wald), Fanny Hensel
The Gartan Mother s Lullaby, Trad. Irish, arr. Alan Bullard
The Honeysuckle and the Bee, William H. Penn, arr. Alan Bullard
The Tiger, Alan Bullard
The Water Mill, Ralph Vaughan Williams, adap. Alan Bullard
The Truth is Great, Bob Chilcott
The Way of Peace (Kayra Sillo), Trad. West African (Mandingo wedding processional), transcribed and arr. Fred Onovwerosuoke
There alway something sings, Sarah Quartel
Three Shakespeare Songs, Alan Bullard
To Music (An die Musik), Franz Schubert, adap. Alan Bullard
Tom s gone to Hilo, Trad. British sea shanty, arr. Alan Bullard
Tread Softly, Alan Bullard
Two Songs of Quisqueya, Trad. Dominican Republic, arr. Juan Tony Guzmán
Under the greenwood tree, William Walton, adap. Alan Bullard
What is the song the stars sing?, Malcolm Archer
Where did you get that hat?, James Rolmaz
Why does he gallop?, Charles Villiers Stanford, adap. Alan Bullard