The Practice Notebooks of Michael Brecker (for all treble clef instruments)

This unique and beautifully produced book presents the essence of these notebooks - jam-packed with useful, and often brilliant, musical ideas and over 700 exercises.
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InstrumentationTreble cleff instruments
ForlagSher Music

The legendary saxophonist Michael Brecker kept extensive notes on things to practice over the whole span of his career. This book contains over 700 entries, beautifully re-engraved from his hand-written notebooks.

For All Treble Clef Instruments (since Michael often advised "Play in all keys").

  • 35 years of Michael Brecker's musical inspirations at your fingertips!

  • First-hand accounts of how Michael actually worked on these ideas from his bandmates Joey Calderazzo, John Patitucci, Richie Beirach, Steve Khan, Dave Liebman, etc.

  • An appendix of his saxophone-specific ideas on fingerings, multiphonics, etc.

  • For intermediate as well as advanced musicians - you don't have to be a genius to learn from a genius!