The Red Violin - Original Soundtrack (Joshua Bell, Violin) (2LP / Double Vinyl)

The Red Violin is the original soundtrack album of the 1999 film The Red Violin - on 180 gram audiophile vinyl
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GenreFilm og Musical
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The Red Violin is the original soundtrack album of the 1999 film The Red Violin (original title: Le Violon Rouge), starring Carlo Cecchi, Sandra Oh and Samuel L. Jackson.

Side A
1. Anna's Theme
I. Cremona
2. Main Title
3. Death Of Anna
4. Birth Of The Red Violin
5. The Red Violin
II. Vienna
6. The Monastery
7. Kaspar's Audition; Journey To Vienna
8. Etudes; Death Of Kaspar

Side B
III. Oxford
1. The Gypsies; Journey Across Europe
2. Pope's Gypsy Cadenza
3. Coitus Musicalis; Victoria's Departure
4. Pope's Concert
5. Pope's Betrayal

Side C
IV. Shangai
1. Journey To China
2. People's Revolution; Death Of Chou Yuan
V. Montreal
3. Morritz Discovers The Red Violin
4. Morritz's Theme
5. The Theft
6. End Titles

Side D
1. "The Red Violin": Chaconne For Violin And Orchestra

John Corigliano's score mirrors the intricate, mercurial quality of the film itself, as it traces the travels of a haunted violin from 17th century Italy to 20th century Montreal. The score is divided into five suites, one for each stage of the violin's creation and movement. From Italy to Vienna, Oxford to Shanghai and finally to Montreal, the violin makes an eerie musical journey.

Performed by solo violinist Joshua Bell and the Philharmonia Orchestra and conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen, Corigliano's The Red Violin is a fitting, haunting counterpart to the picture.

The album won the Academy Award for Best Original Score and was nominated for a Grammy Award: Best Instrumental Composition Written for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media.

- 180 gram audiophile vinyl
- Gatefold sleeve
- PVC protective sleeve