The Young At Heart Flute Player Book 6 (Adult Learners)

The Young At Heart Flute Player method book is written specifically for adult learners & teenage learners and contains everything they need for a great start in playing the flute. 
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There are 30 progressive units, with new material introduced gradually. Scales are related directly to pieces, and the exercises help students practise new material, or prepare the difficult sections of pieces.  

There is a wide range of music by composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bartok and Dvorak, plus traditional tunes from around the world. The arrangements include solos, duets and pieces with optional piano accompaniment (piano parts in Book 3).

To help students practise, there are FREE YOUTUBE recordings for every piece, as well piano backing tracks and duet recordings.

The Young At Heart Flute Player also features:

  • Easy-to-read fingering charts for every note of the flute

  • Photo guides for assembling the flute and cleaning the flute

  • Manuscript paper

  • Scales charts

  • Theory reference section

Adult beginners may also enjoy playing duets and trios from the yellow book (The Young Flute Player Book 4), and can progress to the red tutor book (The Young Flute Player Book 2) after they finish The Young at Heart Flute Player.


  • Beginner-Preliminary (start of Grade 1)

  • 32 exercises (including tone development)   

  • 49 pieces 

  • Time signatures 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, 6/8, 2/2

  • Pitch range from E bottom line of staff to A above staff

  • Scales – 5 note F Major, 5 note G Major, octave G major, F major, E minor, D minor, F chromatic

  • Introduction of tonguing, slurs, ties, staccato, mezzo staccato

  • Introduction of dynamics