The Young Flute Player Book 3 (Teacher's Book)

Teacher's Book 3. This teacher’s has the piano accompaniments and flute duet parts for other books in The Young Flute Player series.
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InstrumentationFlute, Piano

So that students can with accompaniment from the very beginning, this book has piano parts and flute duets for the simplest pieces, through to more advanced pieces.

Most of the piano accompaniments are easy to play, even for flute teachers with limited piano skills. If you have no piano skills, don’t panic! ALL the piano parts are available as free backing tracks on The Young Flute Player YouTube channel. The speed of backing tracks can be adjusted to suit the student and there are also recordings of the duets, plus flute and piano performances.

To keep the student method books (Books 1 and 2) uncluttered and easy to read for young players, the teacher’s flute duet parts are found in Book 3. 


  • Piano accompaniments for Books 1 and 2, plus for select pieces in Books 4, 5 and 6.

  • Flute duet parts for Books 1 and 2 (student method books)

About the series: The Young Flute Player Collection

The Young Flute Player collection has EVERYTHING you need to start playing flute!

All books follow a progressive learning structure, and contain technical exercises, performance pieces, fingering charts and more. Book 1 is designed to be a simple introduction to the basics of playing a flute, with Book 2 subsequently developing skills until the end of 2nd grade. Book 3 is the Teacher’s Book of piano accompaniment and duets, whilst Book 4 and Book 5 complement the tutor books with colour coded duets and trios, establishing ensemble playing skills. Book 6 is a tutor book for adult learners and teenage learners.