The Young Flute Player Book 5 (Intermediate Duets & Trios)

This book of Duets and Trios (Grade 1 - Grade 3 level) makes it easy for students to follow their ensemble part by using colour coded clefs/key signatures. 
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InstrumentationFlute Duets and Trios

The music covers a wide range of composers, as well as traditional tunes from around the world. There is a selection of festive music, a section of rounds (3-part, 4-part), plus there are warm up exercises, each focusing on one aspect of ensemble technique.

The arrangements offer flexibility; many work either as a Duet or Trio.

There are free recordings of all the pieces on The Young Flute Player YouTube channel. These videos can be adjusted to any speed, so are great for students to practise their part at home.

This book can be used independently, or with the tutor/method books in The Young Flute Player series.


  • Grade 1 to Grade 3 level

  • 26 duets and trios

  • 8 warm-up exercises

  • 7 rounds

  • Keys up to two sharps or flats

  • Time signatures: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, C, 2/2

  • Pitch range from Middle C, to F above staff (Note- Middle C is optional – students are given the choice of an alternate note).

About the series: The Young Flute Player Collection

The Young Flute Player collection has EVERYTHING you need to start playing flute!

All books follow a progressive learning structure, and contain technical exercises, performance pieces, fingering charts and more. Book 1 is designed to be a simple introduction to the basics of playing a flute, with Book 2 subsequently developing skills until the end of 2nd grade. Book 3 is the Teacher’s Book of piano accompaniment and duets, whilst Book 4 and Book 5 complement the tutor books with colour coded duets and trios, establishing ensemble playing skills. Book 6 is a tutor book for adult learners and teenage learners.