Toll in Moll / Finer in Minor (Piano) - revised edition with Audio Download

33 Original Pieces for Piano. Music history’s treasure chest of piano literature and come up with some gems in the “minor” mode that offer “major” enjoyment.
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ForlagBreitkopf und Härtel
The new Finer in Minor

With beautiful, easy to moderately difficult, familiar and above all not so familiar pieces, our bestseller Finer in Minor has now been a companion for many generations on their way to the wonderful works of major piano literature.

In the meantime, the sister edition Greater in Major (EB 8936) expands the sound palette, showing that playing the piano in a major key is, of course, just as beautiful as playing in a minor key!

In the course of preparing it, the desire for freshness and renewal of the well-established minor-key edition developed. Editors and publishing house finally gave in and decided on a revised and expanded new edition. The outer appearance has been adapted to its major-key twin, and inside the edition, things look new and different, too. New composers and even more pieces expand the range of minor-key music to include new worlds of sound and feeling.

Thus, playing the piano is simply great – with Greater in Major and Finer in Minor!

01. Telemann, Georg Philipp Fuga
02. Bach, Johann Sebastian Prelude (BWV 999)
03. Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Solfeggietto
04. Benda, Georg Anton Sonatina
05. Haydn, Joseph Menuetto (aus: Six Favorit Menuettes Hob XVII Anh., Liv. III/3)
06. Reichardt, Johann Friedrich Shepherd’s Lament
07. Beethoven, Ludwig van “Für Elise” (WoO 59)
08. Schubert, Franz Waltz (Nr. 6 aus: Walzer, Ländler und Ecossaisen D 145)
09. Schubert, Franz Valse noble (Nr. 9 aus: Valses nobles D 969)
10. Bertini, Henri Etude (Nr. 11 aus: 24 Etüden op. 29)
11. Mayer, Charles Etude (Nr. 15 aus: 25 leichte Übungsstücke für die Jugend op. 340)
12. Burgmüller, Friedrich Thunderstorm (Nr. 13 aus: 18 Etüden op. 109)
13. Bartholdy, Felix Mendelssohn Venetian Gondola Song (Nr. 6 aus: Sechs Lieder ohne Worte op. 30 MWV U 110)
14. Chopin, Frédéric Valse (op. posth.)
15. Schumann, Robert Knecht Ruprecht (Nr. 12 aus: Album für die Jugend op. 68)
16. Schumann, Robert Fantasy Dance (Nr. 5 aus: Albumblätter op. 124)
17. Gounod, Charles Prélude
18. Wilm, Nicolai von Brownies (Nr. 24 aus: 24 kleine Klavierstücke für den Unterricht op. 81)
19. Mussorgskij, Modest A Tear
20. Hofmann, Heinrich Little Forest Bird (Nr. 18 aus: Skizzen. 20 melodiöse Klavierstücke op. 77)
21. Massenet, Jules Mélodie (Nr. 5 aus: Dix pièces de genre. Etude du style et du rythme op. 10)
22. Grieg, Edvard Goblin (Nr. 3 aus: Lyrische Stücke op. 71)
23. Karganoff, Gennari Arabesque (Nr. 2 aus: Arabesques. 12 petites pièces op. 6)
24. Schytte, Ludvig Havmanden | Merman (Nr. 11 aus: Börnestykker op. 33)
25. Pachulski, Henryk Prélude (Nr. 1 aus: Six Préludes op. 8)
26. Majkapar, Samuil Poco agitato (Nr. 2 aus: Suite mignonne op. 30)
27. Rybicki, Feliks Preludium (Nr. 6 aus: Ich kann alles spielen op. 21)
28. Sorokin, Konstantin Winter Evening
29. Kember, John Deep Blue C (aus: Solo Collection)
30. Schwertberger, Gerald Rumba Romantica (aus: Happy Piano)
31. Beeftink, Herman The Detective (aus: Pop, Boogie & Blues)
32. Schoenmehl, Mike Melancholy Reflections (aus: Piano Studies in Pop)
33. Schoenmehl, Mike Disco Visit (aus: Piano Studies in Pop)