Troy Stetina: Thrash Guitar Method (Revised) (incl. Online Audio)

Guitarundervisning med guitarguruen Troy Stetina. Perfekt hvis du vil vide mere om Heavy Metal teori og teknik. Denne udgivelse koncentrerer sig om Thrash Metal.
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ForlagHal Leonard
GenreHeavy Metal

Let the mosh begin! Learn the techniques and principles used by today's heaviest bands including Metallica, Anthrax, Testament, and others. This truly radical method book takes you from slow grinding metal up to the fastest thrashing. Syncopation, shifting accents, thrash theory, progressions, chromatic 'ear-twisting ' melodic dissonances, shifting time signatures, harmony, and more. The online audio features full band accompaniment for all musical examples so that you can play along with the band. Fully transcribed in tablature!