Vallet, Nicolas: Le Secret des Muses (transcr. for Classical Guitar)

This book of 53 intermediate-level guitar pieces is derived from Le Secret des Muses, a two-volume collection of lute tablature by Nicolas Vallet (c. 1583 - c. 1642). Transcribed for classical guitar by Paul Mascott.
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KomponistVallet, Nicolas
InstrumentationClassical Guitar
ForlagMel Bay

Born in France, by 1614 Vallet had relocated to Amsterdam where he established a dance school and was active as a composer, lute teacher and leader of a consort that played at weddings and festivals.

Le Secret des Muses is among the last published collections of French lute tablature intended for the 10-course Renaissance lute, which was ultimately supplanted by the larger 13-course Baroque model. Most of these pieces consist of traditional European dance forms, but also contains a few settings of popular lute themes and longer works suitable for concert performance are included.

Written in standard notation only with occasional drop-D tuning, these pieces make excellent sight-reading and warmup material as well as historically significant concert selections.

1. L’Espagnolle
2. Bourée
3. La Sarabande Espagnole
4. Volte du Roi
5. Volte
6. Volte
7. La Daulphine
8. Bourée
9. Lamoresque
10. Ballet
11. Ballet
12. Ballet
13. La Chacone
14. Pavanne de Spagne
15. Malsimmes
16. L’auignonne
17. La Durette
18. La Signolle
19. Bourée de Village
20. Bourée
21. Bourée d’Avignon
22. Fortune Angloise
23. Slaep Soete Slaep
24. La Piccarde
25. La Favorite
26. Ballet
27. Ballet
28. Ballet
29. Ballet
30. Ballet
31. Ballet
32. Ballet des Queux
33. Gaillarde de la Passemeze
34. Courante
35. Courante
36. Courante
37. Courante
38. Courante de Mars
39. Courante de Mars
40. Suite
41. Pavanne de Espagne
42. Susannesco
43. L’éscossoise
44. La Pincante
45. La Princesse
46. Courante sur la Gaillarde de Bocquet
47. Aton Bras Droit
48. Volte
49. Gaillarde
50. Passameze d’Italye
51. Gaillarde Angloise
52. Puisque Vosyculs
53. Babdaille